The Department of Journalism makes sample syllabi available to current and prospective students. If you have any questions about a specific course, please contact the individual faculty member responsible for the course.

JOUR 200 News Media and Society (Tom Mullen)

JOUR 201-01 News Writing and Reporting (Betsy Mullen)

JOUR 201 News Writing and Reporting (Shahan Mufti)

JOUR 202 Feature & Magazine Article Writing

JOUR 203 Introduction to Visual Journalism

JOUR 204 Colloquium

JOUR 205 Photojournalism

JOUR 301 Copy Editing

JOUR 302 Public Affairs Reporting

JOUR 303 Journalism, Law and Ethics

JOUR 304 Seminar

JOUR 306 News Graphics

JOUR 307 Documentary Journalism I

JOUR 308 Documentary Journalism II

JOUR 311 Press and Politics

JOUR 370 Out of Eden: Slow Journalism

JOUR 377 Practicum (Tom Kapsidelis)

UNIV 401 Journalism and Statistics