Student Journalism

Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism
The Journalism Department is a founding partner of the Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism. Four of the department’s seniors were the first students to report, produce and publish investigative news articles through the center in spring of 2020. Tom Mullen, the department’s Director of Public Affairs Journalism, is a member of the center’s academic advisory board.

The center is a premier, hands-on teaching newsroom for upper-level journalism students at Virginia universities seeking independent study. Professors and veteran journalists help students to identify, report and write original investigative projects. Each project gives students a valuable addition to their portfolios to present to future employers.

This partnership allows Richmond journalism students to develop professional-level skills to manage complex projects, meet deadlines, communicate with peers and community members, and handle the conflicts inherent in investigative stories.

Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium
The University of Richmond is a member of The Pulitzer Center's Campus Consortium, a network of partnerships between the Pulitzer Center and universities and colleges to engage with students and faculty on the critical global issues of our time. The journalism department partners with the Office of International Education for this partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

Founded in 2006, The Pulitzer Center is the largest single source of money for global enterprise reporting—and the only one incorporating this reporting into comprehensive educational programs that extend the impact of the reporting and allow students and the public to engage directly on the issues. The result is sustained reporting and outreach on topics that range from land rights, climate change, global health, and fragile states to justice and women and children.

At its core, the initiative aims to connect international reporting supported by the Pulitzer Center directly with communities across the U.S., expanding knowledge of the world, sparking conversations across disciplines and inspiring individuals to expand their horizons. It accomplishes these goals through campus visits by journalists and international reporting fellowship opportunities for students.